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Installing WordPress on Windows PC help you understand the environment to create and test websites. A local WordPress install allows you to keep your work private and means you don’t have to worry about alterations affecting your live site. It also means you don’t even have to go online to work on your projects. So, how do you install WordPress locally?

In this article, we will learn step-by-step how to install WordPress locally on your Windows PC. To do so, you will first create a local web server on your computer using xampp, then download and install WordPress. Steps and files needed are:

Download and install xampp on your Windows PC. click here

Run xampp on your computer.

Create a new database for your WordPress test site.

Download WordPress to your PC. click here

Move WordPress into xampp’s htdocs folder.

Install WordPress locally on your Windows PC.

1. Download and install xampp on your Windows PC. click here

Click on download

Install the file you downloaded file from the link giving

After installation, run the xampp software

From your task bar click the windows button select all program

Click on the xampp control panel software

When it opens,

Click on the start apache

Start mysql

next step

open up your browser, type into your address bar

localhost /phpMyAdmin and press enter which will bring you the page below:

Click on the new button ,

Add database name,

click on create.

Part two

Adding and installing WordPress on your local drive

Download WordPress from the link given above

Extract the zip file after download

Copy the WordPress folder inside the extracted file

Next step is to navigate to your local drive you can use this link

C:\xampp and paste in the copied folder inside,

Rename it I manes my as word

Final step

Installing WordPress from your browser.

In your address bar type http://localhost/word u saved the copied folder has my is word

Click on let’s go

  1. Enter the database name e created in phpMyAdmin

2.Enter root has your default password

3.leave password blank

4. submit

next run the installation

fill the above information with the details of the site you want to run on your pc

We are done